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Welcome to my blog site! My name is Brian, and I am a married father of four boys. I have found that parenting, specifically fatherhood, brings about many questions that don’t always seem to have immediate answers, but it is a great responsibility and a wonderful privilege.Ethan on my shoulders

This site is about the wonders, joys, and challenges that come with fatherhood. Through my postings, I will share insights, observations, stories, and reactions from the many adventures of our sons. I appreciate your comments.

Father. Webster defines this as a “man who has begotten a child”.  As a definition, it is simple; it is succinct; it is accurate. Yet, in its brevity it is grossly inadequate. I would like to think my role in the lives of my children extends beyond this sterile definition and the single physical act that it describes. As a father, my role (along with the roles of fathers collectively) is -or should be – to be a living example for my children. When lookingI look into the eyes of my sons, I am humbled to realize that I have been given the opportunity to shape and mold their lives. It goes well beyond providing food, clothing, and shelter… our boys will become men someday. Friends, husbands, fathers, leaders. I get to equip them with the tools to be successful in those roles. With ages ranging from infancy to adolescence, the challenges and needs associated with each are quite different. I have to smile when I think of all the events over the past several years that provide my eligibility to celebrate Father’s Day… it has been a wonderful ride. I hope to recount these events on this site along with accompanying thoughts and observations. I hope you enjoy reading them almost as much as I enjoyed living them.


Thanks for coming along for the ride…

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