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Face time with the C.E.O. (the list continues)

No, I have not been hiding away in a treatment facility trying to heal and recover from an undisclosed condition. The past several weeks have just been beyond hectic. We had a few personal transitions to navigate; work has been chaotic with increasing travel; I’m training for a 26 mile mountain bike event (which I’m still not certain I’ll survive); and I’ve embarked on the biggest writing endeavor of my life. I mentioned in the little things that “time” was a blessing and something I counted myself grateful for having. Well, time had turned into my enemy. It grabbed me by the shirt collar and pulled me into a back alley for a private conversation. Fortunately, I was able to gain some control, and have once again emerged with a little more time on my hands. In order to make the most of my new-found schedule flexibility, I took the opportunity to hang out with a few movers and shakers that I know. These guys are difference makers, and I end up learning something new every time I hang out with them. They are sharp, innovative, creative, and have been extremely influential in my life. It’s great to have this kind of insider access to them… the Dye family C.E.O. – Chief Executive Offspring.

I was sitting one evening at the kitchen table  following up on emails and checking data when I got the call from the living room. Jaden and Dillon were lying on the floor about to watch a show, and Jaden gave the order. He popped up from in front of the couch and gave the patented furrowed brow, lowered head, raised eyed-scowl and stated firmly, “Dad, stop working!” Well then. I knew this was no time to argue. I took my place on the floor and ultimately lost myself in their world of imagination and goofiness. I love that they will call me out when I’m spending too much time on things that matter too little. I hope that they continue to care enough to do it… but more importantly, I am working to keep it in mind enough so they don’t have to. In order to assist myself to that end, I decided to add a sub list to number 10 so I can be mindful of the things that help make the time the time worth spending…

10a. building Legos… watching their minds work as they contemplate new creations, seeing the breakthrough moments, helping them apply different approaches to building, and seeing the pride in their accomplishments…fantastic

10b. playing Wii… the new Super Mario Bros. is an addiction (but not the cause of my hiatus). working with Logan, Jaden, and Dillon to conquer the levels and locate the secret passages provides many opportunities for providing constructive support and demonstrating patience with one another… i used the word “opportunities”, we have some work to do (myself included). Wii boxing with Jaden (nasty right hook); Wii baseball with Dillon (still can’t hit his sinker); Guitar Heroes with Logan (loves to show his skills on “Story of my life”); and Ethan, he is still at the age where he is fairly content holding the controller while we convince him he is either helping us out or is playing the role of an uncontrollable character in the game (e.g. Red Toad in Super Mario)

10c. reading books… Ethan is a Sandra Boynton fanatic, as were his brothers before him… and i cannot recall a day in the past few weeks where either Kendra or i (or both several times) have not read “A fly went by” to him. he gets so involved; acting out the words or chiming in on his favorite parts… it is always an active event. 

10d. talking… love to hear their thoughts on anything. they all have brilliant minds.

10e. vacations…they are great road trippers… even when i added 2 hours to our return trip from San Diego because i went on a snipe hunt to find them a funnel cake stand (which we never found) and then missed our exit to the freeway because we were too busy talking about how insane it was that we drove all over the city only to find an abandoned office in an industrial park that looked like it might have been the headquarters of a funnel cake company at one time. but on the plus side, they did get to see Mexico, or at least they would have if they had looked up from their video games. 

10f. anything…doing anything with them, even if it’s doing nothing, is time well spent. Got to love that face time…

Thanks for coming along for the ride…


  1. ann ann
    May 19, 2010    

    writing endeavor, huh? :) very good.

  2. May 19, 2010    

    Love love love this Bri!!!! Never a dull moment with 4 boys!!! Simply AWESOME. you are so very blessed; the great thing about that statement is that you KNOW you are blessed and are appreciative and thankful every day of your life….. very humbling and admirable! You and your beautiful family are always in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love and hugs. M.C.

  3. June 16, 2010    

    I enjoyed your blog and was touched by your piece on Monica. I’m hoping you’ll check out Annie Burnside’s website above — her book came out 6/15 and I think you might enjoy it. Good luck with your bike race!

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