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Out with the old…

It is difficult to describe the events of 2008 without the word chaotic surfacing multiple times. There were plenty of personal lessons from the previous year that I hope to keep fresh in my mind as I begin to face the events of 2009 so I can avoid having to learn (and relearn) them. Last year also brought the hardships associated with the housing market implosion, the crippling of the economy, and the heart wrenching failures of the Dallas Cowboys (ok… maybe this is not on the same scale :)). As I look back, though, on the previous year, the things that come readily to mind are the situations involving the new friendships we forged, the existing friendships we strengthened, the beauty we discovered in our old surroundings, and the times spent laughing and crying with family. We celebrated our oldest son’s entrance into his teenage years, sent our “babies” off to Kindergarten, and juggled emotions as our youngest (and last) turned a single digit. So, while this past year served plenty of bitter, it has made the rest all the more sweet.

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