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Back in the Southwest

The day quickly arrived. We sold the house (or handed it away, depending on the perspective) in early August and prepared for our physical move. Logan, Jaden, and Dillon were looking forward to being back in the Valley of the Sun. We had fun out in Kansas… many strolls downtown, trips out to Kansas City, grilling out with friends, Worlds of Fun, barbeque… barbeque… mmm… good friends and good fun – that will be sorely missed!

We are now slowly (yes, still slowly) getting ourselves settled in. We moved from a rental house to what we thought would be our long-term home, but… we have the U-Haul punch card nearly filled – two more moves and we get the free tank of gas and the his and hers padlocks! 

Kiss your kids!

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  1. Foster Foster
    January 21, 2008    

    Glad to see you’re writing again! Theresa, the girls, and I miss you all very much! We’re looking forward to visiting soon, but if you have the opportunity to bring the U-haul back to Kansas, we can just go with your family to Worlds of Fun instead! :)

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