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It’s a healthy baby (boy)!

I awoke today with a wide range of emotions… I knew going to sleep last night that it would be the final night that I would go to bed wondering about the status and condition of our developing child. Today would bring answers to many questions, and would potentially bring additional questions or concerns. We were scheduled to have an amniocentesis to bring clarity to some concerns based on some disturbing test results we had recently received. There had been some growing sense of ease over the past couple days as news from the doctor’s office changed. But, the inconsistency of what we were being told did not assuage the concerns that the original news created. The amnio was to be our final grasp for sanity and also a foolproof peek at the sex of the baby. So… I was very excited to finally know the sex one way or another… and I was dually nervous about going through the amnio process. Not because I was overly concerned about the results of the test, but because of the process itself and my desire to maintain Kendra’s and the baby’s health. There are risks associated with the process and our preference was to avoid going down that path if possible.

The day began early… Jaden strolled in around 6 am (instead of his usual 7:30) and the routine picked up from there. We got an unusually early start for the appointment and ended up going to Costco for a stroll before hand to let them get some energy out for our sake and the sake of anyone else who would be in the general vicinity of the Dr.’s office. The plan worked perfectly until the final few minutes… the early rise and the semi-long drive to overland park made for some cranky twins… Dillon and Jaden had a blowout over R2-D2 (a Star Wars addiction that will have to be explained in another blog… or 2) and the wheels came off. We were able to escape without incident or injury but we were a few minutes away from a crucial appointment with the genetic counselor and a subsequent ultrasound. Dillon was fine (he was in possession of the R2) and was looking forward to going into the appointment. We didn’t want to send just him in there with her, so Kendra and I were working out a strategy that would have me remain in the car with the combatants while she went in and communicated with me via quick phone calls and text messages when Jaden came to the decision that it was time to let go of the R2 thing and play with baby Yoda instead and calmed down(again…long story).

We had a terrific genetic counselor… I can’t do justice in this text to the patience and compassion of this man. He had the Lawrence Drs fax the test results over to him so he could see the levels they discussed with us and stepped through each of the risks associated with every score. We walked out of that room feeling great about the health of our baby and knowing we could avoid the risks of the amnio. He covered every point of concern that Kendra had and discussed family history while the boys were playing on the couch and strumming the fan cage like a banjo…briefly. He even posed for a picture Jaden took of him with my phone.  The phone turned out to be a great distraction… we have several fine photographs of the couch, the pictures on the wall, some carpet, what I believe is an index finger, and a picture of the twins taking a picture of themselves in the mirror.

The ultrasound went great! Jaden and Dillon watched with great interest as the Dr looked over the various body parts… they called out the parts they recognized, asked tons of questions, and were completely engaged in the process. When we got to the boy parts and proclaimed Ethan Sawyer was indeed on board (a moment of silence for Chastity Virginia…) Dillon exclaimed,”We will be his friends!” (they refer to each other as a “friend” rather than a brother or twin, so this was a powerful statement from Dillon). Jaden, tired of leaving the appointments empty handed, said as we walked out of the ultrasound room, “next time we come here, we will take him out of there (mom’s tummy)”.

We called Logan in Arizona with the news… he was glad to hear the baby was healthy but had been holding out for a girl… understandably, he has had a healthy dose of little brothers and was looking for a change. However, he did provide his blessing and is welcoming his new little brother into the fold… “as long as he is not twins”… I assured him he was not. We checked. Many times. Seriously.

On the way out of the office, big brother to be Jaden paused at the receptionist desk and addressed the woman on the other side. “Ethan!” he shouted to her and smiled and walked away… another friend for the family.

 Thanks for coming along for the ride… kiss your kids!


  1. Aunt Diane Aunt Diane
    July 20, 2007    

    A charming glimpse into the life of this lovely branch of our family.

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