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Set it down (the Target story)

Set it down (the Target story)

We were out looking for a few items one evening and ended up at Target. The kids were tired and we just wanted to get in and out quickly so I decided to run in to the store to pick up the few things we needed. I grabbed a red basket and made my way […]

It’s a healthy baby (boy)!

It’s a healthy baby (boy)!

I awoke today with a wide range of emotions… I knew going to sleep last night that it would be the final night that I would go to bed wondering about the status and condition of our developing child. Today would bring answers to many questions, and would potentially bring additional questions or concerns. We […]

Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside At All...

Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside At All Times

Two weeks away from taking another ultrasound peek at our developing baby… it is incredible to think that in a few months that child will be on the outside and adding to the love/chaos/excitement/stress/animation/noise/activity that already exists in our house of five. With all the stress of work and trying to keep the house presentable […]

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