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Happy Father’s Day

Father. Webster defines this as a “man who has begotten a child”.  As a definition, it is simple; it is succinct; it is accurate. Yet, in its brevity it is grossly inadequate. I would like to think my role in the lives of my children extends beyond this sterile definition and the single physical act that it describes. As a father, my role (along with the roles of fathers collectively) is -or should be – to be a living example for my children. When I look into the eyes of my sons, I am humbled to realize that I have been given the opportunity to shape and mold their lives. It goes well beyond providng food, clothing, and shelter… these three boys will become men someday. Friends, husbands, fathers, leaders. I get to equip them with the tools to be successful in those roles. With one on the brink of puberty and two just entering their fourth years, the challenges and needs associated with each are quite different. I have to smile when I think of all the events over the past several years that have made up my eligibility to celebrate Father’s Day…from the Oreo Cookie Discovery; the Night Behind Bars at the hospital; the Formica Incident; and the River Ramp Rescue, to the 30,000 ft Hookshot; the Trampoline Sessions; the Tree Climbing Campout; and the ‘Jesus Likes Gum’ Declaration, it has been a wonderful ride. I hope to recount these events on this site along with accompanying thoughts and observations. I hope you enjoy reading them almost as much as I enjoyed living them.

Until next time, thanks for coming along for the ride… Kiss your kids!

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  1. Jason Bradley Jason Bradley
    June 18, 2007    

    First of all, please add some photos of your growing tribe. Second, if they say that we all stand on the shoulders of those that came before us; somebody get me a step ladder. Keep it coming.

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