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New Book from Vanessa Van Petten, cre...

New Book from Vanessa Van Petten, creator of Radical Parenting
Hey there. I will be returning soon to my semi-regular routine of posting stories and observations ( I truly appreciate you continuing to stop by and check for progress!). But, in the meantime I would like to share a guest post from Vanessa Van Petten since she has a new book coming out regarding parenting from the perspective of teenagers. A [...]

I think she’s happy here

I think she’s happy here
It was a strawberry Fruit Loop. So innocently offered was this unassuming lure; all chunky and lopsided with sugar crystals disproportionately spread around the pale red morsel. I looked it over and glanced at the owner of the extended hand that held the treat. Two sad blue eyes behind tousled locks, and her eyebrows knitted in a frown from h [...]

Words are…

Words are…
Words are, too often, just groups of letters arranged by some to fill blank spaces on a page, or spoken by others to fulfill a dialogue, or to break a silence. Words can be abused, get confused, be misused, misspelled, or misinterpreted. Words can be ill-timed, irresponsible, well meaning (but misplaced), misunderstood and, conveniently, forg [...]


Right now I am watching a mother play with her little girl. I am on a plane flying someplace I’ve already been and leaving behind the people with whom I’d rather be. Right now. The little girl is tired. She has been drinking her bottle in spurts. She alternates with a soggy wafer. Her first bites of solid food. She is restless, but she has sm [...]

Face time with the C.E.O. (the list c...

Face time with the C.E.O. (the list continues)
No, I have not been hiding away in a treatment facility trying to heal and recover from an undisclosed condition. The past several weeks have just been beyond hectic. We had a few personal transitions to navigate; work has been chaotic with increasing travel; I’m training for a 26 mile mountain bike event (which I’m still not cert [...]
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